Boyz Got No Brain

A product of the famous "Pesta Rap" album, Boyz Got No Brain are one of the very few talents that contributed in the compilation that continues to thrive until today. Xaqhala and Rullionzo, hailing from East Jakarta, established BGNB in 1992 and won their way into being featured on "Pesta Rap" through the rap festival IT Wonderland. Their single "Nyamuk" supported the compilation to become one of the best-selling releases of 1996. Each of them also have solo careers, releasing their own singles and albums, but now the boys are back under Hellhouse Records to hype things up again. Their simple-yet-critical streetwise lyrics and pop-ish funk will definitely get you vibin'... and that's why BGNB is a must-not-miss at #FLAVS this April!