Epo D'Fenomeno

Born in Jayapura and raised in the Biak Island of Papua, Epo D'Fenomeno dove headfirst into the local hip-hop scene in 2009. From the start up until 2018, he actively and productively formed hip-hop collectives DXH Crew and Papua Antik Rap, who in 2013 then formed an even stronger community with other rap groups in the form of "Jaytown Connection" consisting of group/solo rappers, a DJ, a Dance Crew, a beatbox group… and Epo as its lead conceptor. He's been chosen as Brand Ambassador for numerous brands where he was able to contribute even more to local scenes in Indonesia. He gained even more fame all over Indonesia thanks to winning third place in the Beef Rap Battle competition in 2018 and appearing on national television.

Come catch the phenomenal Epo D'Fenomeno at #FLAVS this coming August!