Some call her "the Janet Jackson of Indonesia", but we all know and love her as Imaniar! She jump started her career by performing in a band with her siblings called "The Big Kids", formed in the late 60s by her jazz musician father, Said Kelana. From the age of four, she's learnt how to play the saxophone and trumpet. With her energetic, funky dance moves, she totally got her groove on as a solo artist in the 80s R&B era. Did you know that her solo albums "Hasratku" and "Kacau" sold almost 1 million cassette copies?! It's no wonder she's got so many achievements, including The Outstanding Performance award at Finland's Midnight Sun Festival in 1991, performing at the North Sea Jazz Festival in 1986, and winning the BASF Award as Best Female Recording Artist in 1995. Living legend Imaniar must not be missed at #FLAVS!