Mukarakat & Gold Voice

Lipooz, DirtyRazkal, D'Flow, I'm Rapholic and DJ Geramar are Mukarakat; a group of five who proudly rap in East Indonesian local dialect. Formed in 2017, they've had a lot of success through several singles such as "Kuda Hitam", "Mari Jua Naik", and "Rompes" (short for "Rombongan Pesta" or "Party Group"). Speaking of which, the hit "Rompes" hit 1 million views on YouTube in only a week! Their unique style of combining hip-hop DJ scratches and modern, ethnic beats is a breath of fresh air for the scene in Indonesia, bringing a whole new meaning to the term "local pride"! Their positive message of diversity is echoed in their single "Indonesia VS Everybody", which also features fellow rappers Ras Muhamad and Tuan Tigabelas. Catch their harmonious lyrics and performance at #FLAVS this April!