Sade Susanto

"Checkpoint" is Sade Susanto's first-ever album, which was released in Oktober 2018. Prior to that, she released 2 singles "The Man Who Has Hurt Me" and "Excuses", which are also included in "Checkpoint". She is part of the Semarang-based Hills Collective that focuses on neo r&b and hip-hop music. Her songs mostly revolve around heartbreak, but in the sense that it pushes people to overcome that sad experience. By the way, here's a little detail you probably didn't know about "Checkpoint"; it's actually based on a game reference, where racers usually time themselves and see how far they've come. It's also a reminder to Sade herself to see how far she's come in her own life. Though she's really into r&b at the moment, she's very open to exploring other genres… she's hinted at in interest in the folk genre! See Sade sing her heart out on stage at #FLAVS!