He first came to fame through his 2006 hit "So What Gitu Loh" and continued to storm the scene with countless singles such as "Jomblo" and "Ulangan Dadakan". With such relatable lyrics, he became a hero to the youth and gained a massive following. Here's a fun fact; he actually admitted to not feelin' the vibe of rap music at first. However, after listening to the likes of Black Skin, Iwa K, and Neo, he finally found the light! The rapper, who goes by the name Igor, was also involved in a religious music group named "Disciples" along with fellow musicians JFlow and Guntur Simbolon. Oh, and did you know he actually opened for Pitbull himself back in 2010?! One thing's for sure; he likes to keep up-to-date with his lyrics. Just last year, he picked up on the discussion about the environment, and wrote a song titled "Plastik" which urges for a collaboration between the older and younger generations to protect the environment. The song even features the rapping skills of his son! Don't miss out on watching this woke rapper perform on stage at #FLAVS!