Yura Yunita

This songstress' career is what dreams are made of. Yura Yunita, who's been singing and playing piano since an early age, had become an ambassador for Glenn Fredly's music portal, Musik Bagus Indonesia. Not only that, Glenn himself decided to become Yura's executive producer on her first album, which went on to win a whole bunch of achievements! Named "Yura", the album was chosen as one of the top 6 Best Indonesian Albums from Rolling Stone Indonesia, and Yura herself was considered as HAI Magazine's top 4 Best Female Singers! She even sold out her first solo concert! In 2017, she went on to establish her own label named AYURA, but that didn't stop her from winning more awards. She won the AMI Award for Best Female Solo Pop Artist in 2018, and in 2019, she grabbed the award for Best Pop Album thanks to her release of "Merakit". See her shine bright on stage at #FLAVS!